mercredi 24 mars 2010

Lugdunum non vacuum

Ce week-end je suis allé faire un tour à paris pour voir mes amis.

Donc la Tour Eiffel est toujours là, c'est bien.

Ivry (banlieue style) c'est toujours aussi.....disons surréaliste (mais au moins on se sent pas tout seul)

Et je ressens un besoin impérieux de ranger mon salon.

jeudi 11 mars 2010


*Funny memories*

In the staff room of the club Kaffibarinn - 2.26 am :

Me:  _ "Drífa, I've just saw a girl on the roof, I think she was trying to get into the club this way"

Drífa: _ "Is she inside now ?"

_ "I don't know"

_ "What did she looks like ?"

_ "Hmmm, an indeterminate blonde and baby doll faced girl, like all others icelandic ones..."

_ "hahaha !"

mardi 2 mars 2010

Flouze on the floor (this time)

I was staring at the pavement like I always do, my dog-shit-radar is kinda activated everytime I walk in a city center, it's physical.

And then I saw...not something brown but something like a picture...a banknote of 30€ ^_^

So here is my historical of money found on the floor :

- 1999 : 50 francs
- 2005 : 10 euros (65 francs)
- 2010 : 30 euros (195 francs)

I'm improving.